Expert search

Despite my experience in the internet, I wanted to be a professional for this big project. An expert who knows about big projects. However, the search in 2007/2008 was difficult, most agencies do not answer my question.

The Expert

At the end I found an agency near Mannheim in Germany. A true expert, he also had a database specialist on hand via his network. He was optimally suited for the project and otherwise he was able to sell himself excellently.

Projectstart No. 1

In April 2008, the agency manager convinced me and a contract came about. Due to my budget, not all wishes in the contract, but a good base.

Project start: April 14th, 2008
Planned completion: August 31st, 2008

The first weeks after the start of the project did not happen for a while. Always small snacks, but nothing essential. In mid-August 2008, one e-mail after another came with news.

No timely delivery

Then, however, quickly followed the information that the project could not be completed by the end of August. In October 2008 we talked about extensions. In January 2009, the database specialist came in for the first time, I doubted if it would even exist.

On 17th March 2009, the project – as of February 2009 – should now be completed. However, it was not finished again. In July 2009, finally presented a version that did not even match the contractually agreed performance. The matter dragged on for months, ultimately, the agency could not provide the agreed performance and the project was canceled.

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