We are planning the following functions and options for the APOOS Internet platform:

Your options

Hundreds of opportunities for your daily life
private and business -!

✅ Increase your productivity
✅ Increase your success
✅ Save time
✅ Save money
✅ Work flexible
✅ Be ecological
✅ Easy handling
✅ Just need a login
✅ Relaxed shopping
✅ Being independent
✅ Reach more people
✅ Use clear administration
✅ Be safe by server location
✅ Use your data everywhere
✅ Define your privacy yourself
✅ FREE Membership, if you want
✅ Determine in the future development
✅ Use several Marketplaces for your products
✅ All Possibilities On One Site


✅ Stay in contact
(Thanks Chat, AP-Mail, Cloud, Marketplaces, commercial & private profiles, better customer service)
✅ Increase your success
(Thanks professional marketplaces, area for product presentation & integrate of your dealer networks)
✅ Increase your productivity
(Thanks collaboration between private + business and community, products and community on one site)
✅ Protect the environment
(Thanks: – Server operation with renewable energies,
– Cloud for the relief of servers and data highways
– Ease of use => Reduces online times
– structure with local reference = strengthening local economy and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions for shipping)
✅ Relaxed shopping
(Thanks „Buy-Function“: Fraud prevention to reduce scams to a minimum, Identification service, 2 two way authentication, more security for you)
✅ Use your Profile as your Company website
(Thanks: On your profile you can present you personal or as company. So for example you can present your start-up or business, you can present your projects, products or ads. Or you connect a First Level Domain with your profile. Then you have a professional website for little money. Do not like trouble? You can simply enter mandatory information. Also the DSGVO (EU law) will fulfill your profile. Also for the market place we would like to offer you templates for the cancellation instruction or the private sale. As a platform operator, we want to offer you security not trouble. Focus on your business.)
✅ Free membership, if you want
(Thanks to a self-determined membership fee)
✅ Flexible work when and where you want
(Thanks Cloud, apps, responsive design for tablet and smartphone)
✅ You determine the future
(Thanks to participation in future developments)
✅ Fall in love
(Thanks Dating Area, One profile but you decide, what other can see in dating area)
✅ Reach more people
(Thanks combination of marketplaces & community, no manipulation of postings)
✅ Inform the world
(Thanks Multilingual blogs for products & projects, for special groups f.e. customer, press …)
✅ Find interesting places & plan your trip
(Thanks to POI’s & personal travel guide in the „Streets of APOOS“)
✅ Feel save
(Thanks secure server location in Switzerland, knowledge of where data stays, self-determined privacy for groups & areas)
✅ Save time
(Thanks high ease of use, one profile, simple administration, one Login, more productivity)
✅ A safe place for your data, available everywhere
(Available via the Internet the cloud service)
✅ Save money
(Thanks: Fair prices for additional services, basic ads in the marketplaces free of charge also for dealers equal for all also for the Areas of cars, real estate or yachts)
✅ Administration, which is fun
(Thanks to easy administration for accommodations for example apartments, products, ads and projects)
✅ Find the perfect place for your holiday
(Thanks to numerous search criteria, the optimal apartment hotel or sleeping place easy to find.)
✅ Start new ways of networking
(Thanks to various opportunities to allow contacts and even with offline reference for example about a number code on your card.)
✅ Find your dream job
(Thanks job market, all with one Profile and privacy center)
✅ You decide who can see what and where
(Thanks to Privacy Center for groups and areas)
✅ Sale real estate on best terms & save money
(Thanks: Real Estate agents pay us fair prices,basic offer is free!)
✅ Communication without personal data
(Thanks: Between two members, this is even possible locally!)
✅ Find, sell or present your dream car
(Thanks optimized for cars on marketplace and product area!)
✅ Find, sell or present your dream yacht
(Thanks optimized for yachts on marketplace and product area!)
✅ Find, sell or present your airplanes
(Thanks optimized for airplanes on marketplace and product area!)
✅ Benefit from real reviews
(Thanks: Fake reviews from competitors
harm the reputation of companies. Such
We want to reduce reviews to a minimum
and introduce multiple levels for reviews.
Real Customers = Real Ratings.)
✅ Be connected
(Thanks: Later we would like the members
Possibility to use the optional identification service,
to carry out digital administrative procedures)
✅ Being independent
(Thanks to your donation, our focus is on the
welfare of our members and not on profit maximization)
and many more possibilities …

… This platform will bring millions of people forward and treat them fairly at the same time.


One Login – 100% Power

APOOS = All Possibilities On One Site 🙂

The “streets of APOOS“ lead to multiple destinations within the internet platform. The platform includes products and projects, A-Cloud, blogs in multiple languages, accommodations, and worldwide marketplaces.

APOOS accommodates individual users, businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit and charitable organizations. Networks can be created for any need and every user is in full control of the people, businesses and organizations that view their information. Individuals can create multiple groups and businesses can choose minimal marketing or a more elaborate presence with products.

The APOOS mail system enables members to communicate securely and with Autotext, text messages can be saved and recalled at will. The APOOS “buy function” in the marketplaces enables members to make offers on a variety of items, arrange shipping or a local pickup, and set time limits on availability.

Other users will also be able to identify any individuals that have defaulted or failed to deliver on a marketplace deal. Self-determined membership fee: You decide if you want to pay a membership fee and how high it is. Co-determination is also important to us, so APOOS members should decide how APOOS should evolve in the future.

Security is provided through Python and the framework Django, apps for APOOS will be available, and a cryptocurrency may be introduced in the future. All users can choose to book a cloud server that will relieve data and server highways, thereby saving electricity for a more environmentally-friendly solution. Here are some functions & characteristics:

The structure

Self-determined privacy is a key issue. In a nutshell, a member determines for himself which of his data is visible. This not only for his groups, but also for the different areas. The settings for this can be found later in the privacy center.

The Design

Design should not only be chic, but also functional. Thus we strive for a clear appearance, with functions that repeat themselves. Orientation is thus possible in all areas. Via the navigation link of „My Home“, the user will be able to control all areas clearly, without having to search long for hidden functions. Under „My Privacy“ is the Privacy Center, where members will determine who, who, which or not their content can see.


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