Criticism of the Internet

Before you deal with fair internet, you should consider the question of what is currently going wrong on the internet.


N U M B E R S:

– In 2018, every person over the age of 0 generated a calculated average turnover of around USD 25 on Facebook & the Google parent company Alphabet. (worldwide & also without internet connection)

– Alphabet ranks as the richest company in 2019 with $ 117 billion in cash reserves.

– Alphabet: Revenue grew 18% to $ 161.9 billion in 2019 compared to $ 136.82 billion in 2018,
Profit in 2019 $ 34.3 billion

– Facebook: Revenues rose in 2019 by 26.62% to USD 70,697.00 million, in 2018 it was USD 55,838.00 million

– A study for 2018 recorded 100,000 teenagers addicted to social media in Germany alone.

– A study of 100 German companies has shown that they use the Google advertising program, although a free search entry already exists for the desired search term. Annual costs for these measures around EUR 45 million per year.

F A C T S:

– Search results are influenced by online platforms.

– Social media can be addicting.

More than 90% of all search queries are made through Google.

More than 50% of all search queries are answered on Google. (So ​​you no longer land on another website!)

– Former employees of Google & Facebook warn of addiction factors.

– It has long been speculated which bankruptcies in recent years could be the responsibility of Google or its parent company Alphabet.

– For big brands, the organic (natural) reach on Facebook should be zero. That means, if you want to reach your own fans, you have to pay for it. (Advertising programs are not freely available to everyone!) For online platforms like YouTube, this could also be a mechanism to control the income of influencers.

– Election manipulation via social networks cannot be ruled out.

– Algorithms are incomprehensible.

– People work for companies through micro-work, sometimes for a few cents a day.

– According to research by the SWR, only the energy requirement for the Internet in Germany alone corresponds to around 55 terawatt hours per year, which corresponds to around ten medium-sized power plants. Addiction factors prolong these times unnecessarily.

Criticism of the Internet

To clarify the criticism of the Internet, we have put together a few articles below, the source of which is listed below:

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