Fair Internet – APOOS Internet platform

Fair Internet benefits you,
instead of taking advantage of you!

Fair Internet – Goals

Fair Internet wants:

✅ Influence the internet positively and sustainably
✅ Users democratically on the future of an internet platform to share. (Participation)
✅ Manipulating or addictive factors waive or inform about it.
✅ Promote climate-friendly processes & local trade.
Respect users‘ data and privacy settings.
✅ Offer real reach without restrictions, it’s your followers.
Support safe trading while respecting the desire for anonymity.

What are the benefits of fair internet?

✅ It makes the economy less dependent on internet monopolies.
Saves millions of unnecessary advertising.
Secures jobs through fair competition.
Give users time for the important things in life.

What do we want?

Since the aim of the platform is to advance its users, commissions and advertising programs are not used. We want to concentrate exclusively on the operation of the platform. In other words, APOOS will be a hosting platform that will also have a large number of functions and areas. One could also speak of the first fair all-in-one community.

We urgently need a fair alternative to classic social media and sales platforms. We need more competition to make our economy more independent.

We want to create an internet platform that is like a good friend, with everything that goes with it, respect, trust and honesty.

Why? – Current problems

There are currently a number of minor problems related to the Internet, such as Internet addiction, scams, social media addiction, false ratings, fake messages, etc.

Even more important is the position of large internet companies that have a monopoly position, e.g. in the area of social media or search engines.

QUESTION: Have you ever considered what happens if your company or the company you work for is no longer found on the „Internet“? Or does the search engine in question charge 20% of the company’s profit as a commission?

Absurd or a real risk. There is already speculation as to which corporate failures could be due to the introduction of new search engine products.

The penalties previously imposed by cartel offices are paid by such companies from the postage account. More about fair internet protects jobsHere (in German)!

The author Ingrid Brodnig also dealt with the topic in her book „Übermacht im Netz“ (in English: Overpowering on the Net). A book recession says:

… The Internet is used in a way that poses a threat to our democracy and our society

Brodnig uses many examples to show how this development can be identified. On the one hand, there is the formation of monopoly-like companies such as Amazon, Google or Facebook, which are not only digging the water for established retailers, for example. Business strategies based on collecting data make them richer and richer. They don’t let the majority of people share in this wealth …

Source: https://kompetenz-online.at/2019/09/24/wir-muessen-fuer-ein-faires-internet-kaempfen/

The situation is serious, not only we have recognized that, but also the signatories of our petition.


With our petition for a fair internet, we have been able to inspire and convince more than 30,000 people that APOOS is a fair solution that should be promoted.


Unfortunately, politics has not yet responded. However, we cannot wait until companies are only subcontractors of American Internet companies. It is up to us to strengthen the economy and secure our jobs.

With better internet companies can save hundred of millions of us-dollar.


Would you like to support APOOS and thereby secure the European economy? Contact us, we need fair internet!

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