Today in an interview with the project founders of APOOS.


What is or what should be APOOS?

The long-term goal is to create the first democratic fairtrade community with utility value and self-determined privacy with APOOS. APOOS starts where other projects have often reached their conceptual limits.

Use all options on APOOS with just one login!

The possibilities of APOOS include:

When did you have the idea for APOOS?

The basic idea for APOOS came to me in the year 2003. In the course of two development starts and in the time after that, the project idea was developed bit by bit.

„Development starts“, what you mean by that?

I have launched two attempts to develop the concept of APOOS. The first time in the years 2008 and 2009. The second attempt lasted from 2011 to 2017. At that time the scope of the project was less extensive.

Who should implement the project then and who financed it?

At the first attempt, I had commissioned a small agency, which had its headquarters near Mannheim. In the second attempt a larger company from Ahmedabad in India. The cost I each carried himself. For the second attempt, I even sold my car and invested my savings.

Why were the first two attempts unsuccessful?

In the first attempt, the agency was overwhelmed. You could not deliver what you had previously sold full-bodied.

At the second attempt, there were a number of factors. The most important points should have been the comprehension and the mentality. But also the choice of the content management system Typo3, proved in the course of the time as less good decision.

Two attempts! Is it possible to complete APOOS?

Of course it would be nice if the project was already on the market. Imagine if we had been on the market already in 2003. However, just these two attempts have provided the basics that we need now for the successful third attempt.

All in all, I spent six years working intensively with APOOS. Especially in the second attempt, I learned a lot, what we will do better at the final start. This concerns in particular the points understanding, comprehension and the technical project basis. If these points are secured, I will take care of that, I am convinced of a successful development.

Is the APOOS concept even contemporary?

In the last 15 years, a lot has changed in terms of design and technology. With respect to these points, some optimizations have been made over time.

In 2017 I revised the whole concept again. It should now be ahead of its time again. The Internet has developed rapidly in recent years, but this development has also posed problems.

We will pick this up in the current concept. These include e.g.
– new mechanisms for networking,
– customer communication,
– Fraud prevention in online commerce or
– the fulfillment of mandatory information for members in the community area.

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Börge-H. Spröde, I live in Buxtehude near Hamburg in Germany and have been self-employed since 2004. The focus of my self-employment is the operation and development of internet and corporate projects. I am the founder of APOOS.

Did you have to do with the Internet even before you started your own business?

Since the mid-90s, I have been intensively involved with the Internet and even before that with the BTX system. So around 1996, I even sought a cooperation with the Apple company, Apple should provide computers and I wanted to run an online magazine. In 1997, I already sent my first applications by e-mail, unfortunately with moderate success. 97% of all companies informed me that they do not accept online applications. At the beginning of 2000 years, I created my first internet pages and gained more and more knowledge (such as HTML, CSS, SEO) in this area. In 2001, I created the first real estate exchange for a real estate agent.

What distinguishes APOOS from other community sites or marketplaces?

APOOS is not just one or the other. APOOS is a combination. So we not only offer that best of both worlds, but use synergy effects. With only one profile, members can use all areas and provide data.

So privacy is self-determined at APOOS. Say each member decides which of his data is visible. This does not just apply to one group, but to all areas. Furthermore, the link with the profile can be specified. The only exception is comments, here you stay visible.

The marketplaces of the platform are broad. In the main areas of real estate, dating, vehicles, jobs and „more“ almost everything finds its place. Buying and selling are in the foreground, whether container ship or bicycle. Search functions help with the search.

Products is another area. Here is the registration of products possible. Distributors can be linked to the product. APOOS thus becomes a useful business tool. A tool that supports and simplifies and does not steal time from the user.

The topic of communication is an essential part. So it will be possible through the app, e.g. to send status updates to customers, e.g. when the car has finished in the workshop or the ordered goods have arrived at the dealer. For this both have to be only members of APOOS.

Also POIs and projects can be created. Aid projects should also be free of charge in the „Streets of APOOS“ can be set.

There are further development steps. These include the cloud and the possibility to book accommodations. The points account, with which users can book additional services, could later serve as their own currency for the marketplaces.

A platform like APOOS will not even be completed and will stay that way for 30 years, but will change over the decades. Who could decide better about the future than the users themselves? Thus, participation should become part of APOOS in the long term.

Which user groups is APOOS aimed at?

APOOS is a broad concept and therefore appeals to many user groups. In addition to private individuals and companies, these include wealthy people.

Small and medium-sized companies would like to offer a legally compliant platform. The possibility to deposit necessary mandatory information should be a matter of course.

The issue of data protection has just been widely discussed in the press. What do you think about this discussion?

Making people aware of privacy is a good thing. The extent of this discussion amazed me. The marketing programs – such as the Post, Facebook or LinkedIn – have been on the market for years. The scope should therefore not be surprising.

Hardly anyone gives away something! For example, if a company is based in the US, it does not earn any other income and only lives on advertising. Should it surprise a user not if his data are commercially exploited.

That’s why the concept of APOOS is so broad. The concept for an internet platform is essential for the overall success. That’s why we’re proud of the club, the cloud and other additional services.

Of course it is also a question of responsibility. As a Hanseatic merchant, I think it is wrong to pass on data entrusted to me to third parties.

How important is the development of APOOS?

I’ve spent a lot of work on this concept over the past decade. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the completion.

But APOOS is much more than „just“ a platform. APOOS is important for a fair and free internet. It is important to show that it is about the users and not about making their data money. Users should have more rights in the online space and APOOS will stand for that. I therefore like to call it a Fairtrade Community with utility.

Once completed, APOOS will be an important tool for many users. A tool that should not steal time. Support the user in the tasks, that’s what it’s about.

Why fairtrade, why crowdfunding and not the classic investor search?

Fairtrade means treating the user fairly. This includes on the one hand a fair pricing. On the other hand, the self-determined privacy.

Interest rates have been less attractive in recent years. Projects from the IT sector thus receive a lot of attention. The search for investors does not pose a hurdle.

Nevertheless, we have decided against the search for investors. There are two reasons. Privacy and fair pricing. The profit maximization does not fit into the concept here.

Independence is a cornerstone of APOOS.

There should also be a club of millionaires, what is it and how does that fit in with fairtrade?

There will be two premium memberships for wealthy people, that’s right. The club membership for private members as a club member and for commercial members as a club supplier. A „Club Member“ pays around EUR 30,000, -, a „Club Supplier“ pays around EUR 15,000, -.

The club will probably be one of the most exclusive online clubs in the world. Club contributions are intended to cover operating costs. As a club member you can use a separate visibility group. Thus, the sale of expensive goods in an elite group is possible.

Fairtrade is the project because both memberships benefit. The club by a separate group. The other members through the high contributions. Search functions complete the picture for both groups.

What will membership cost APOOS?

The basic membership will be free of charge. The same applies to the setting of most contents. There will be a charge for additional services. If you book a chargeable cloud, you can partially save on additional services.

There are services which generate greater costs for the provider than others, we will try to provide these services e.g. keep it in a fair balance with the help of the cloud and the club.

How precise is the calculation of capital and the timing?

The capital calculation is based on realistic figures. The relatively high sum is due to two factors. On the one hand, we have many utilities. Another factor is the high hourly wages in the IT sector. The demand has risen sharply in recent years, the same hourly rates.

The size of the project is huge and therefore has the biggest impact on costs. That is why we will be dynamic in the development. The development can take up to 4 years. For the calculation we used the following factors:
– the years of development 2011 to 2017,
– current estimates
– Updated functionality
– Number of team members

Theoretically you could increase the number of developers significantly, but this is not recommended. Just think of the saying: „Many cooks spoil the mush.“ ​​A systematic approach is necessary for the success of the project and this in turn requires a manageable team and time.

Wie wird APOOS später die Betriebskosten finanzieren?

The operating costs should be covered by the following services:
– Premium memberships,
– Chargeable additional services
– Cloud

The topic of advertising will at least initially play a role. However, the exclusion of advertising will be chargeable and pave the way for the future.

Is APOOS betters than Facebook?

Facebook is a community that generates profits through advertising.

APOOS offers its members a great deal of utility, e.g. through the marketplaces or the cloud. The concept with the club, the cloud and the additional services, makes us independent of advertising.

So here we are talking about different concepts.

Which does APOOS mean?

APOOS mean All People On One Site.

The P could also stand for products and projects.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

There are a variety of reasons to support this innovative and for the Internet important project. Even after about 12 years – with tears and sweat – this project is still very important to me.

Do you want to:

– show the big commercial out there, that it is better and fairer?
– self-determined privacy?
– more fraud prevention?
– a login for all possibilities on APOOS?
– create fair alternatives?
– use new premium memberships?
– support a free internet?
– better networks?
– Build distribution networks
– create new opportunities?
– and much more …

Then you support the APOOS Crowdfunding. Please share this project with all your friends, acquaintances and business contacts.

I thank all supporters!

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