It’s great that you want to support APOOS. With this you contribute to a fair internet and not only protect the climate, but also ensure a fair competition 🙂

Here’s what you can do to make the first all-in-one community a fair ALTERNATIVE to classic social media and sales platforms.

1. Inform all your contacts

It is important for people to be more aware of the Internet and to understand the dangers of big social media platforms and search engines. So share our website to let ALL know about the dangerously unfair Internet for the environment and our jobs.

2. Financial support – up to 10,000, – EUR

More than 25,000 people are already behind APOOS. However, we have to reach more people. With your financial contribution, we can reach more people. That’s important, only with sufficient reach can we find enough sponsors to make the internet fairer.

We look forward to your donation, please use this bank account!

3. Sponsor, at 10,000, – EUR

There will only be 1,999 exclusive sponsor places in APOOS. ONLY these sponsors receive – after the completion of APOOS – the label „SPONSOR“ for:

  • The membership profile,
  • the entry in streets,
  • for all their products and
  • for all your ads.

The label is valid for life, that is, as long as the sponsorship in question exists. The label cannot be transferred or sold.

The only requirement is that you or your company donate an amount of EUR 10,000 or more. Become a visionary and promote fair internet. Let the whole world know that you have laid the foundation for fair internet. In this way you increase the brand image for your company and present products and advertisements accordingly. Sponsors are popular with customers.

The BEST thing about it is that you are now making your payment commitment and will soon be on the official sponsor list! However, payment is only due when the first 1,000 sponsor places have been allocated. So everyone involved is on the safe side. As soon as all donations have been received, the development of APOOS begins.

If you want to be on the list of sponsors who are ushering in a new internet age, then send us your payment confirmation by email!

Many medium-sized and large companies already spend well over EUR 10,000 annually on social media activities. This makes them even more dependent on the large platforms.

APOOS stands for fair competition, independence and security.

We thank you for your contribution.

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