The Interview – All Data & Facts

Today in an interview with the project founders of APOOS.


What is or what should be APOOS?

The long-term goal is to create the first democratic fairtrade community with utility value and self-determined privacy with APOOS. APOOS starts where other projects have often reached their conceptual limits.

Use all options on APOOS with just one login!

The possibilities of APOOS include:

  • Community with self-determined privacy and even across groups and divisions.
  • Free basic membership – thanks to a broad concept -.
  • Become a member in perhaps one of the most exclusive online communities in the world (Paid Club membership around EUR 30,000, -).
  • Use sophisticated visibility.
  • Introduce products, dealers and projects.
  • Networks with self-determined contact paths and even offline reference.
  • Know where your data stays.
  • Safety through more activity.
  • Set up support projects and find supporters.
  • Use Cloud advantages in a targeted manner.
  • Find jobs, employees and life partners.
  • Plan trips & discover tours.
  • Manage your own content clearly and centrally.
  • Find „real“ friends and sellers.
  • Special blogs for special groups.
  • Publishers & Journalists can offer articles and subscriptions.
  • Selling optimally and sure.
  • Use synergy effects of community and marketplaces.
  • Build distribution networks and manage products.
  • Use information management between customers and service providers.
  • Offer or book a hotel, apartment, cabin or sleeping place.
  • Use fraud prevention when trading in the marketplaces.
  • Create your own shopping guide (regional, according to topics or keywords).
  • Use professional search functions in the marketplaces for vehicles, partner search, real estate, jobs and more.
  • Reach exclusive markets and contacts at home and abroad.
  • Internal mail system with auto-text function
  • In conjunction with the cloud = link in the calendar to documents
  • Save searches in marketplaces
  • Share blog posts on other networks (if you’re sure!)
  • „Buy function“, members can make limited bids.
  • Device Authorization
  • Identification service (possibly use later for online administrative procedures)
  • Club Suplier: product configurator (subject to change)
  • Club can create up to 100 private POI, projects or products. (For example, product presentations for your own group are possible.)
  • Multilingual: German, English & Spanish.
  • and much more.

When did you have the idea for APOOS?

The basic idea for APOOS came to me in the year 2003. In the course of two development starts and in the time after that, the project idea was developed bit by bit. Mehr lesen

Start No. 2 from 2011 to 2017

After failure of the first development start from 2008 – 2009, I decided in 2010 to go again on agency search. Now even more critical than before.

The search.

The search turned out – as in the past – difficult, that interest in larger contracts with agencies in Germany was very reserved. So I decided to turn my gaze abroad. Under the heading „Offshore Software Development“ I came across the company DRC Systems from Ahmedabad in India.

Software development from India

Although I had already proposed a CMS (Content Management System) in the first development start, I was advised against it in 2008. In 2011, the CMS Typo3 was on everyone’s lips and therefore it was also good that the mentioned software company was or should be a specialist for Typo3. Mehr lesen

Start No. 1 in 2008

Expert search

Despite my experience in the internet, I wanted to be a professional for this big project. An expert who knows about big projects. However, the search in 2007/2008 was difficult, most agencies do not answer my question.

The Expert

At the end I found an agency near Mannheim in Germany. A true expert, he also had a database specialist on hand via his network. He was optimally suited for the project and otherwise he was able to sell himself excellently.

Projectstart No. 1

In April 2008, the agency manager convinced me and a contract came about. Due to my budget, not all wishes in the contract, but a good base. Mehr lesen

The idea | history

On the history of the original idea of APOOS. In 2003, I was traveling more often and became more and more concerned with the subject of websites. The proportion of sophisticated websites was rather low on the market and usually limited to one topic.

The Problem

With the keyword Shopping, Dating or Community you will usually come up with a website. This website then specializes in a topic. That means for the user the more functions he would like to use on the Internet, the more accounts he must create. This has several disadvantages: Mehr lesen

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